S-Line Vacuums now have H-Class and ETL Certification

Respirable dust of all kinds is hazardous to your health, and some kinds are worse than others. Lead, silica, mold and asbestos dusts are frequently encountered in construction and renovation work, and breathing in the small particles can cause cancer, silicosis and many other illnesses. Hence getting detection and testing from a recognized, and reputed company such as SERS Perth is extremely essential if you feel that asbestos or other elements have been causing severe damage to your health. Normal vacuums, even with HEPA filters, may not always be adequate for removing these fine particulates from the air.

Dust can be categorized at one of three levels, according to the international standard EN / IEC 60335-2-69 Appendix AA:

  • Class L – Dust representing a moderate risk – The vacuum cleaner filter traps over 99 % of dust with a grain size of under 2 microns
  • Class M – Dust representing a medium risk – The vacuum cleaner filter traps over 99.9 % of dust with a grain size of under 2 microns
  • Class H – Dust representing a high risk – The vacuum cleaner filter traps over 99.995 % of dust with a grain size of under 1 micron. This includes carcinogenic dusts and dusts contaminated with carcinogens and/or pathogens.

Pullman Ermator S-Line vacuums have recently been certified for cleaning the most hazardous dust. H-Class vacuums are required to display labels with the high hazard (H) class symbol, the model type, manufacturer’s name and trademark. The S-Line vacuums not only use filters certified to 99.99% at .3 micron, they also have contained filter cleaning systems (JetPulse®), disposal systems that keep dust from escaping when the bag is removed, and warning systems that display when the filters are too clogged to maintain the required efficiency.

In order to be certified, vacuums are tested at regular intervals by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), an independent laboratory recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to test products to the specifications of applicable product safety standards. The H and ETL labels on Pullman Ermator’s S-Line vacuums are your assurance that the vacuums provide the highest levels of protection from hazardous dust.

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