Longopac® – Endlessly Clever AND a Better Buy

A bag is not just a bag! Pullman Ermator invented the Longopac® drop-down bagging system for dust extractors. This innovative system allows dust-free disposal into a 72-foot bag. The operator can just tie off a section and cut between the ties to dispose of dust and debris without letting harmful dust escape to the environment. A few competitors have tried to copy our design and jump on the Longopac® bandwagon, but they just can’t compete. Why?

  1. Sometimes size does matter! The Longopac® is 72 feet long, compared to competing bags at 68 or even just 60 feet. This difference doesn’t just mean you get more uses. It also means you save more time. Even though we make it simple to change the Longopac®, interrupting the workflow to change the dropdown bag cuts down on efficiency.
  2. Longopac® is more durable. We use three-layer co-extruded polyethylene, which has been dart-drop tested (measured according to ASTM D-1709) to 1000 grams initially, and guaranteed to 850 grams for a 2-year shelf life. Weaker bags could break under the weight of concrete dust, and there goes all your containment!
  3. Longopac® is produced in Sweden in a fully automated factory with rigid quality control systems, certified in accordance with ISO 9001. This means you get the same high quality every time.


Don’t be tempted by cheaper knockoffs – saving a few pennies initially will cost you in use. Longopac® is still the best choice for dust-free dropdown disposal. Endlessly Clever!

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