CPWR Study: Research Supports Need, Effectiveness, and Improvements for Engineering Controls

Dust exposure reduced while tuckpointing The Challenge Grinding or cutting out mortar between bricks or blocks during tuckpointing operations generates clouds of dust. The amount of silica in this dust may be hundreds of times higher than legal or recommended limits. Construction workers who breathe dust containing silica are at risk for serious diseases such … Continue Reading »

Pullman-Ermator’s new dust shrouds and dust hoods reduce silica exposure to help meet OSHA requirements

After a rigorous evaluation funded by the NIOSH Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Pullman-Ermator’s dust hoods and shrouds were shown to reduce silica dust exposure dramatically making it easier to comply with OSHA’s proposed limits. In recent years, the concrete industry has seen an increased emphasis on concrete dust suppression and containment, both for … Continue Reading »