Six New Vacuum Models from Ermator

Pullman-Ermator, the Swedish dust extractor maker, is increasing its presence in the US concrete and dust cleanup market by introducing six new vacuum machines at the World of Concrete in January 2014.

The company’s American subsidiary, Ermator USA will offer four new three-phase vacuums, a new slurry vacuum and a propane vacuum at the Las Vegas trade show.

“We’ve been developing these new models for three years so we are really excited to start selling them now”, commented Fredrik Akermark, Ermator’s Vice-President for Sales and Marketing.

Ermator’s two best selling three-phase vacuum cleaners, the T7500 and T8600, will remain in Ermator’s product portfolio, but the T12600 will be replaced by two new models – the T15000 (230V 3-phase) and the T18000 (480V 3-phase).

The T12600 was often used with the largest grinders and scabblers. Because these machines often need even more suction power than the T12600 could provide, the T18000 was designed with 710 CFM and 140 inches of water lift. The T15000 will meet the demand for high powered 230 volt machines.

The T10000 is a brand new vacuum. Ermator developed this model around a newly designed motor and side blower fan. It will be sold in 480 volt only, with features including a pre-separator connection on the chassis, a manometer and a new pre-filter assembly design. 470 CFM and 120” water lift secure high performance with large grinders, scarifiers and scabblers.

“We believe the T10000 will be Ermator’s new flagship product for the concrete surface prep industry. The size, weight, new features and performance will make it very attractive to contractors. T10000 is also a perfect central vacuum system for larger construction jobs.” Akermark said.

The prototype of the T8600 propane has been displayed at the last two World of Concrete shows, and it has been available to order since October this year. Ermator sees the upcoming WOC show as a great opportunity to further increase the sales of the T8600, which has already been extremely well accepted in the market.

“Sales of the T8600 propane have greatly exceeded our expectations. It is satisfying to see repeat orders from customers. We knew this market needed a good propane vacuum but we did not expect this high volume of sales so quickly”, Akermark added.

All new vacuum models will include the standard Ermator features:  tested and certified HEPA filters, Jet Pulse filter cleaning, drop-down disposal system and Longopac collecting system.

Ermator’s new vacuums that will be launched at WOC:

  • T4000  – A small 230V, 3-phase vacuum. 280CFM, 125” water lift. Comes with 33’ x 2,5” hose, 25’ x 2” hose, wand and floor tool
  • T10000 – Large 480V, 3-phase vacuum, 470CFM, 120” water lift. Comes with 33’ x 3” hose, 25’ x 2” hose, wand and floor tool
  • T15000 – Large 230V, 3-phase vacuum, 647CFM, 140” water lift. Comes with 3” y-connector, 33’ x 3” hose
  • T18000 – Large 480V, 3-phase vacuum, 710CFM, 140: water lift. Comes with 3” y-connector, 33’ x 3” hose
  • T8600 Propane  – Large 18HP propane vacuum, 410CFM, 115” water lift. Comes with 33’ x 3” hose, 25’ 2” hose, wand and floor tool
  • W70P – Slurry vacuum with pump, 120V, 118CFM, 80 gallon/min pump capacity. Comes with 9’ x 1,5” hose, wand and floor tool.

Visit Ermator at World of Concrete in January, booth S10715 or learn more at

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