S26 a Big Success!

The S26 Dust Extractor has been an enormous success since Ermator USA introduced it in 2010. Over 2000 units were sold in 2011 alone.  There are currently around 3200 units in use throughout the United States, Canada, and Central and South America, and that number is growing.

The reason for the S26’s popularity is its high level of performance, safe usage and ergonomic design.  “The price is very low for such a powerful system,” according to Fredrik Akermark, VP for Sales and Marketing of Ermator USA. The list price is $2,390.00, for a complete S26 system including a 25 foot long 2 inch diameter crush-proof hose, a wand, a floor tool, an individually tested and certified HEPA filter and a Longopac

Contractors have found that the Longopac drop-down disposal system saves them a lot of time and labor. Competing dust extractors require workers to bring the dust extractor away from the work site to empty a bucket of concrete dust, but with the S26’s Longopac system you can do a bag change in 15 seconds without having to bring the vacuum outside.  And, it is 100% dust free! The filter cleaning system is another labor saving feature. Ermator’s exclusive Jet Pulse system allows the operator to purge the filter without opening the vacuum.

The powerful 258 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of suction and 100 inches of waterlift make the S26 perfect for use with dual head floor grinders, small planetary grinders, single phase scarifiers and shot blasters.

The S26 can also be used with 7” hand grinders.  In fact, with Ermator’s “twin-hose” kit, two operators with hand grinders can even use it simultaneously.

The S26 has numerous other features that make it stand out against its competitors. A manometer tells you when the filter is clogged. The polyester pre-filters are washable. The grey wheels are non-marking, and the front casters are lockable.

With so many amazing features, it is no surprise that the S26 is quickly becoming one of the most popular dust extractors used in the concrete industry.

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