Pullman Ermator AB acquires Pullman-Holt HEPA Business

The Swedish company Pullman Ermator AB, the world’s leading manufacturer of dust extractors and a leading player in the vacuum and air scrubber industries, has acquired Pullman-Holt’s HEPA business and models as well as wet and dry vacuums related to the HEPA vacuum models. Along with the product lines, Pullman Ermator has acquired the rights to the trademarked name Pullman-Holt and PHC.com. This Pullman-Holt division will be managed by Pullman Ermator’s US subsidiary, Ermator USA.

“This move will help us expand our presence in the restoration and abatement market,” explained Fredrik Akermark, Vice President of Ermator USA. “Pullman-Holt HEPA vacuums are well-known in the industry.”

Pullman-Holt is a major manufacturer and distributor of commercial floor-care equipment, including HEPA vacuums, wet/dry vacuums, squeegee vacuums, upright vacuums, backpack vacuums, floor machines, burnishers, carpet extractors and automatic scrubbers.

For the past nine years, Pullman-Holt has been owned and controlled by Ron Underwood, who also owns the Canadian companies Michael’s Equipment, Ltd and Advantage Maintenance Products, Ltd. Ron Underwood will continue to sell the remaining Pullman-Holt products to the Jan-San market and will transition to a new brand name.

Pullman-Ermator is a Swedish corporation with operations in Europe and the United States. It manufactures high quality slurry separation products and large vacuums used for concrete dust collection. Some of Ermator’s innovations include the Longopac collection system and jet pulse filter cleaning.

“We will be investing in the Pullman-Holt brand, with continued research and development. We will also be adding several new products”, according to Torbjorn Bengtsson, owner of Pullman-Ermator. “Ermator will be also be supporting the Pullman-Holt brand with directly employed sales reps, who will provide product information and training to distributors and end users.

Ermator USA will be expanding their premises significantly and relocating to the Pullman Holt building complex, on September 1.

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