Ermator’s S36 fills a market need for mid-sized dust extractors

Ermator’s S36 dust extractor has filled a big gap in the industrial vacuum market. Until the S36 was developed, contractors had to make a difficult choice. On the one side, 120V two-motor vacuums were not always powerful enough to pick up dust from grinding. On the other, three-phase vacuums were too expensive for many contractors, and provided more power than was needed. The solution was the S36, a strong single-phase extractor that can provide the necessary power without breaking the budget.

The need for an intermediate solution became apparent as mid-sized grinders grew in efficiency, and the 120V vacuums could no longer keep up with them.  Although contractors needed something stronger, they couldn’t always afford to pay for a three-phase vacuum that exceeded their requirements.

Ermator announced the S36 at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, 2010, and it quickly became a big success.  The S36, a 230V, 1-phase vacuum with over 350CFM and 100” of water lift was the perfect vacuum for all mid-sized grinders. Within one year, many contractors considered the S36 their “best friend.” And that success was only the beginning!

The model has continued to improve. In 2011 Ermator added a 30amp grinder outlet, allowing the grinder to be powered directly from the vacuum. That feature increased the sales even more and the model has now sold over 600 units since the beginning in 2010.

The S36, like all Ermator vacuums, includes these standard features: a Longopac collecting system that provides fast and 100% dust free bag change; a Jet Pulse filter cleaning system that purges the filter without opening the vacuum; and tested and certified Hepa Filters. It also includes a 33 foot x 2.5 inch hose, a 25 foot x 2 inch hose, a wand, floor tool and a 30 amp distribution box. The list price is only $4,390.00.

The S36 can be used with all brands and models of grinders, including:

  • HTC 500
  • Innovatech Predator 2400
  • Diamatic 435 and 535
  • Lavina 25
  • Prep-Master 2807 and 2420
  • Husqvarna PG530

For more information, call Fredrik Akermark at 813-684-7091 or visit the Ermator website at

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