Ermator Closes First Quarter of 2013 with Big Gains

Ermator LLC, a manufacturer of industrial vacuums and dust extractors, is closing out the first quarter of 2013 with a lot to celebrate.  Sales are up 36 percent compared to the first quarter of 2012.  This defied previous expectations, since sales had already doubled on all models in 2011.

Fredrik Akermark, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, gives a lot of the credit to Ermator’s  team of sales reps and to its distributor network.  “Our distributor network is really good, and continuing to grow,” he stated.  “Also, our sales reps Lyndon Kelsey and David Stroud have been doing a great job of demonstrating the value and effectiveness of our product line”.

Another factor in the growth is competitive pricing, made possible because Ermator’s parent company, the Sweden based Pullman-Ermator, regularly rings up large sales volumes worldwide.  “Customers are always asking how our vacs can have such a low price when they have so many features, and the performance and quality is so much better than competing vacuums,” according to Akermark.

Ermator is also known for their very good customer service.  Concrete Polishing Magazine awarded them the Customer Satisfaction Award for the Vacuum Category in 2011. They have increased their customer service staff since then, and are improving all the time.

Ermator is excited about plans to roll out three new three-phase dust extractors later in the year.  These new models will have even more features and stronger performance than the current models. “The performance will be unbelievable!” Akermark said.

For more information about Ermator LLC, visit their website at or call 855-736-2869.

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