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“Summit Industrial Flooring has been using Ermator equipment for nearly 20 years.  The vacuums have been a huge part of our growth and success.  Summit uses Ermator 12600 all the way down to the S26.  The overall quality and performance is the main reason we buy your products, but the service is why we have made Ermator the only vacs for us.   Keep up the good work.  Thanks for making great products.”

Keith Powell
Owner and President
Summit Industrial Maintenance, Ohio

“Ermator is the best vac manufacturer in the concrete polishing and grinding market. They achieve this feat everyday not only through their quality and innovative product designs, but also through their personnel’s knowledge and excellent service. From top to bottom, their product line cannot be beat. Their marquee vacs, the T8600 and T12600, are leaps and bounds above the competition in power and volume. There simply is no better vac available.”
Wade G. Christensen
Niagara Machine Inc.
Cornell University
School of Industrial and Labor Relations

“Jeffco Concrete Contractors is pleased to say that we have been using Ermator vac systems for over twelve years now.  We first began our relationship with Ermator in 2000.  We currently have twenty-six Ermator vac systems in our fleet, most of which have been updated to the T-8600 model.  

Our experience with Ermator has been nothing short of wonderful.  We couldn’t be happier with the performance we receive from our vac systems.”

Jeffrey W. McCool
Jeffco Concrete Contractors

“During our search for a vacuum manufacturer  we looked at several variables to determine which manufacture we would choose.   The first obvious variable was the durability and quality of the equipment.   We found Ermator’s line up second to none as far as durablilty, ease of use and power.  Their variety of machines also match up well with the different grinder and equipment sizes available.
The support and service they provide is also unmatched.  We have had representatives assisting us at all times and when necessary traveling to ensure our customers are taken care of.  The Ermator group has been everything we could ask from a manufacturer.  Their staff is knowledgeable, responsive and very easy to work with.”

Dan Markwood
Runyon Surface Prep Supply

“Our entire fleet of floor grinders are mated with Ermator vacs and pre-separators.  The equipment is well engineered and reliable.  On the rare occasion when we do have a vac go down, most parts are readily available minimizing downtime.  The concrete polishing business presents many daily challenges, worrying about the performance our vacuum systems is not one of them.”
Scott J. Balch
Texas Bomanite